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Brand: Tiffany & Co.


  • The set includes: body, box, manual, warranty card included
  • 50M waterproof
  • Country of origin: Switzerland
  • [This product, sukiyaki shop will deliver]

Details: 259 address of New York, USA Broadway in September 1837, was born by Charles Lewis Tiffany “TIFFANY”. The most famous brand, Tiffany boasts of name recognition and popularity as said that, from luxury items such as jewelry and watches, tableware and stationery, is a wide range of deployment with an attractive brand to Baby Products. And design excellence like no other, a is Switzerland combines the high quality of the maid “TIFFANY watch” is the highest peak, will continue to be loved around the world, has continued to color the person’s life itself wear. Such as used in the design of the popular series in jewelry, watch collection to enjoy the total coordination it is, as a symbol of longing and unwavering love of the world from the time of its inception, continues to attract people in the current still enormous popularity.