Thrustmaster TGT 2 (PS5, PS4, PC)


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Color: Black


  • Leather-wrapped wheel with 25 action buttons, 1 push-button and 4 rotary selectors natively recognized in GT Sport (differential braking, traction control, fuel mapping, torque management)
  • High-velocity, next-generation 40-watt brushless motor for exceptionally responsive Force Feedback with high torque capacity
  • Internal components from the European automotive industry (AEC-Q), for maximum quality and lifespan
  • Proprietary magnetic technology (H.E.A.R.T) for an unlimited lifespan and optimal precision
  • Quick and easy wheel changing system, allowing for different types of wheels (F1, Rally, etc.) to be used (sold separately)

Details: T-GT II keeps providing direct access to the same features in Gran Turismo Sport as its predecessor

UPC: 663296423016