The Little Mermaid II and Ariel’s Beginning 2-Movie Collection (Blu-ray + 2-Disc DVD)


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Author: Jodi Benson

Brand: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

Edition: DVD Included/Double Feature


  • Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment The Little Mermaid II and Ariel’s Beginning 2-Movie Collection (Blu-ray + 2

Format: Multiple Formats

Details: Share double the enchantment, an ocean full of adventure and all your favorite characters from the original under-the-sea Disney classic! THE LITTLE MERMAID: ARIEL’S BEGINNING — Long before Ariel walked on land and into Prince Eric’s heart, she was one of seven beloved daughters of powerful King Triton. But times were troubled in the underwater kingdom — and music was banned! In this magical adventure, Ariel, her fun-loving sisters, and her loyal friends Sebastian and Flounder strive to bring music and friendship back to Atlantica — featuring breathtaking animation and some thrilling surprises. THE LITTLE MERMAID II: RETURN TO THE SEA — Meet Princess Melody, Ariel’s daughter, as she splashes onto the scene in this enchanting sequel. Even though her parents tell her merpeople and Atlantica are just “old fish tales,” Melody dreams of being part of that magical world. In an unforgettable story that will take your breath away, all the good creatures on land and under the sea must join forces to show Melody that both her worlds can live in perfect harmony.

UPC: 786936836158