Tamiya 58647 1/10 R/C M-07 Concept Chassis Kit TAM58647, Brown


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Color: Brown


  • Compatible with standard IFMAR (Li-Po cell-type) square-shaped battery packs.
  • 1-Piece monologue & integrated upper frame, for rigidity & easy maintenance.
  • Body mounts have a reinforced design for more secure body attachment.
  • Long suspension arms for ideal leverage. Rear toe adjusted using simple spacers.
  • Required to complete: battery, charger, speed control, servo, radio system, paint, and assembly

Details: This high-performance front-wheel drive R/C chassis assembly kit is constructed around a rigid monocoque with lower deck and upper frame sections. It offers responsive drive characteristics and fuss-free maintenance of parts such as the easy-access differential, which can be removed from the underside with minimal disassembly. C.V.A. (Constant volume adjustable) oil shock-damped 4-wheel double wishbone suspension features dedicated long arms and steering linkage components for a range of setup options. A silky-smooth drivetrain utilizes full ball bearings, oil-filled gear Differential unit and Universal drive shafts. It can be assembled with a 225mm (M) or 239mm (L) wheelbase, making it compatible with appropriately-sized existing Tamiya chassis body parts sets. Featured components: monocoque frame Chassis (with detachable lower section) long suspension arms CVA oil dampers full ball bearings gear Differential unit Universal drive shafts Hi-Torque Servo saver 1/10 scale R/C chassis assembly kit. Length: 332mm, Width: 164mm. The core of the chassis is a one-piece monocoque with integrated upper frame elements similar to the ta-07 Pro. It is designed to offer excellent rigidity with easy maintenance. Choose between 2 different wheelbases (M: 225mm, L: 239mm), simply by changing rear arm attachment direction. Newly designed front and rear suspension use long arms for ideal leverage ratio, in tandem with long steering linkage components. Rear toe can be adjusted simply using Spacers. 4-Wheel double wishbone suspension is fitted with CVA oil shocks. The TA06 oil-filled gear Differential is used to drive the M-1. It is paired with Universal drive shafts and full ball bearings. Compatible with standard IFMAR (Li-Po cell-type) Regulation square-shaped battery packs. Compatible with low-profile servos. The chassis was designed with easy access to the stabilizers (sold separately) for quick, precise adjustments vital at the racetrack. Body mounts have a new reinforced design for more secure body Attachment. The chassis gives its driver excellent “feedback,” allowing you to judge with clarity how your setup changes have impact.