Swisstek SK14614G Limited Edition Black Diamond Watch With Scratch Resistant Tungsten Bezel, “Super Luminova” Luminous Dial, And Sapphire Crystal


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Color: Brown/White


  • Swiss-made watch with scratch resistant sapphire crystal; Swiss quartz eta g10.791 movement
  • Swisstek limited edition watch; limited to 100 pieces worldwide
  • Chronograph with alarm function
  • Tungsten bezel; 0;36 carats black diamonds on case
  • Water resistant to 165 feet (50 M): suitable for swimming and showering

Details: The Swisstek Story

Swisstek is an international luxury Swiss-made limited edition watch brand. Designed right here in the United States of America, Swisstek is renowned for bold and vibrant designs, rare stones and exotic elements. Rare and natural colored diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and even emeralds matched with unique elements, including stingray skin (galuchat) straps and Finnish steel surfaces, create Swisstek’s stunning timepiece designs. Each Swisstek collection is created in limited edition with no more than 100 pieces created. Swisstek limited edition timepieces are fine American designed Swiss timekeeping instruments of benchmark stature and are considered by many to be works of art whose beauty reflects their aesthetic perfection. Swisstek is online at and
To distill the best of an era and transform it into a timeless icon is an infinite and delicate task. With designs that are created in the United States by a young and highly talented team of professional American Watch Makers, they evoke emotions that are everlasting. From the first pencil sketch to the finished watch, the objective is always to find the perfect balance between classic time and modernity. Only what is deemed worthy will bear the Swisstek signature, thus the outcome is a “timeless appeal.
Officially launched in 1996, Swisstek has led the field in modern Swiss watch manufacturing. It has emerged as an international luxury Swiss-made watch brand synonymous with bold designs that incorporate rare and unique elements designed not only for the discerning Americans but also for the global elites.
Developing the Swisstek brand at a time when heritage Swiss watch making was being outsourced to large volume-based manufacturing practices, Swisstek is one of the few companies to work exclusively with traditional Swiss watchmakers for inspiration, influences, and as a source for quality components for Swisstek’s designs and collections. With the concept and design of each timepiece developed in the United States, and portions of modification manufacturing taking place in the U.S. as well, the company’s Swiss counterparts remain involved providing advice and input on every process.
The very first step in the creation of a reliable, high performance, exclusive and original watch lies in imagination, research, and development. A team of qualified designers, engineers and technicians create new and unique concepts with functionalities that enhance reliability and perfection in manufacturing technologies for components. They create new watch cases; bracelets, clasps based on the design sketches. At all steps, the tasks of finishing and assembling as well as the quality requirements of the Swisstek Seal are taken into consideration. Superior quality in production not only calls for the finest tools and skills, but also for a blend of latest-generation technology combined with a long-term experience in traditional craftsmanship.
The components are made using cutting-edge technologies, decorated and hand-finished, in compliance with the age-old Swiss and American watch making traditions.
Each Swisstek watch is created as a limited edition masterpiece and is crafted from the highest quality materials powered by Swiss-made movements. From high-performance tungsten to hardened Finnish stainless steel they incorporate unique elements not found in average watch collections. Swisstek creates bold and distinctive designs with natural colored diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Natural diamonds are particularly rare as the natural process to create these one-of-kind red, pink, canary, and chocolate stones are the work of nature and the professionals at Swisstek spend considerable time meticulously sorting and assessing each stone to deem it perfect for a Swisstek limited edition timepiece.

Summary of Features
• Limited Edition Timepiece
• Black Diamond Watch
• Scratch Resisant Tungsten Bezel
• Sapp

UPC: 814294010139