Super Nintendo NES System – Mini Redesign


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Brand: Nintendo


  • Redesigned, more compact version of the Super NES.

Details: Low Budget CONSOLE WITH ALL CABLES AND FREE CONTROLLER, NO MANUALS, NO GAMES, NO BOX. Real pictures, TESTED, everything original FOR COLLECTION. (NTSC = American). Ok shape for an item this old, this is an average of all the items included, expect some flaws. YGWYS: You Get What You See. As you can see in the pictures: it is untidy with stains and scratches, but none of these details affect the function of the device, cables can be repaired and have electrical tape, also, the controller is described as free because we can’t guarantee the fully operation of it, specially its analog component (joystick). HEY, Want more video games? Check out my other games for sale by clicking on: NewLife1 and visiting our store. Thanks for your business

UPC: 077678014066