Strike Pros Laser Tag – Reality Gaming Kit Set (2 Pack) – Includes 2 Guns & 2 Vest


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Brand: Strike Pros

Color: Black


  • StrikePros set includes state-of-the art infrared laser tag set. (2 Pack)
  • 2 tactical vests with ejecting plates.
  • Players are equipped with an advance app that manages the game and includes a worldwide leaderboard.
  • Live streaming on Twitch – Live battle screen.
  • Step-counter for calories burned. Rechargeable batteries

Details: HEY CADET…GET OFF THAT COUCH! Nothing beats the thrill (and calorie crunching) of laser tag. Strike Pros takes your obsession seriously and dials up the adventure! We include everything a player needs for maximum action – the rechargeable laser, tactical vest with ejecting plates , an adjustable scope, a rugged cell phone holder for Twitch streaming, and the Strike Pros app to bring it all together. Make your backyard into a battleground, the entire neighborhood into your arena. REALISM IS THE KEY – There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to virtual battlefield. That’s why Strike Pros has engineered our Alpha Kit down to the last detail to match your 21st Century gaming needs. Reload like the real thing! Feel the recoil! Simulated strikes cause the vest plates to eject to ratchet up the intensity! Get your friends and get playing. QUALITY MATERIALS GUARANTEED – Running around the park, arena, or gym is no place for cheap plastic toys. Choose Strike Pros Alpha Kit for maximum fun and continued use. Customer support is included with every purchase, via the Strike Pros app, for the first 12 months. Package contains 1 gun & 1 vest. (Depending on bundle you purchase) EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE KIT – We include everything that one player needs for an exciting, unforgettable round of realistic laser tag. Every kit comes with our realistic and rugged gun, an easy to strap on vest with ejecting discs, a mountable flashlight & cell phone holder, and a USB cable to recharge the included lithium batteries. ONLINE STREAMING WITH TWITCH – Share the fun online with your crew using a free Twitch account. Totally integrated with our free Strike Pros app for intense online streaming.

UPC: 683346579920