Stella Glow The Launch Edition Premiums with Bonus CD, Cloth Poster and Charm Keychain – Nintendo 3DS


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Details: Stella Glow Nintendo 3DS – Limited launch Edition, these premium items will provide a spell-binding experience for any magic and witch enthusiast. The oversized collectible outer box comes colorfully decorated with character artwork of Alto and the 5 witches. The “Song Magic” CD includes each of the witch’s theme songs and a beautiful sleeve to keep your music protected. Take witch Popo’s lovable pet pig, Bubu, around wherever you go with the adorable Bubu Flexi-Charm. Known as the witch of destruction, Hilda gets her very own “Hilda’s Crystal Garden” cloth poster. Don’t miss your chance to add these exclusive collectibles to your Stella Glow experience.

UPC: 730865000005