Sale! USB Crash Cart Adapter – File Transfer & Video – Portable Server Room Laptop to KVM Console Crash Cart (NOTECONS02)


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Brand: StarTech

Color: Black


  • NO BULKY CRASH CARTS: The USB crash cart adapter connects your laptop to a headless system, turning your laptop into a portable crash cart for rack servers, PCs, ATMs, kiosks, etc
  • INSTANT SYSTEM ACCESS: Connect the laptop crash cart adapter to your computer using the included USB cable, then connect the integrated USB and VGA cables to your server for instant BIOS-level control, with no server-side software required
  • EFFICIENT TROUBLESHOOTING: The flexible software built into the interface lets you transfer files from your laptop to the server, capture videos at 1920 x1200 60Hz and take screenshots for faster troubleshooting
  • SELF-POWERED RELIABILITY: Powered from the server-side USB connection, the KVM adapter doesn’t require an AC outlet, so you can connect to any PC or device that has a VGA and USB port
  • FITS IN YOUR LAPTOP BAG: This pocket-sized computer crash cart adapter features no additional accessories to connect, eliminating the need to lug around a traditional crash cart when troubleshooting and servicing your systems

Details: StarTech KVM console crash cart adapter supports maximum video resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels and is compatible with PC, linux, mac platforms.StarTech KVM console crash cart adapter has a flexible software interface to transfer files from your laptop to the server quickly. Adapter can connect to any device that has a VGA and USB port to provide BIOS-level control.Access any VGA and USB system directly from your laptop via the KVM console adapter. Set up quickly with included cables and instant BIOS-level control. Share troubleshooting information and display errors with video capture at 1920 x 1200 60Hz. Simple self-powered portability with no external power adapter necessary. Easily troubleshoot systems with bi-directional file transfers between local and remote computer.

UPC: 065030854382