Star Wars Signature Series Force FX Lightsaber w/Removable Blade – Kit Fisto


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Brand: Star Wars

Color: Multi-colored


  • The glowing blade ignites with light and the metal hilt looks just like the real thing
  • When the blade powers up, powers down, idles, and clashes, the lightsaber plays digitally recorded sound effects from the movie
  • The blade is removable to give you different display options
  • Mount the lightsaber on its base or attach it to your belt with the belt clip
  • your collection wont be complete without it

Details: From the Manufacturer

With this official replica of the KIT FISTO LIGHTSABER from the STAR WARS: ATTACK OF THE CLONES movie, you can pretend to be the Jedi himself! It looks and feels like a real LIGHTSABER, with a metal hilt, glowing blade, realistic light effects and authentic sound effects digitally recorded from the movie. The blade is removable from the hilt so that you can pretend to engage in LIGHTSABER duels when the blade and hilt are attached, or clip the hilt onto your belt and carry it the way the JEDI and SITH do in the movies.

This replica lightsaber’s removable blade lets you wear the hilt on your belt. .

Kit Fisto’s lightsaber makes a realistic humming noise when you turn it on. .

Experience the Sights and Sounds of a LIGHTSABER
Grasp the highly detailed hilt in your hands and feel the realistic weight of this beautifully crafted collectible. Activate the LIGHTSABER and you will hear the power-up sound as the blade illuminates with a bright green glow. When you move the blade, you will hear clashing sounds as if you were KIT FISTO fighting BATTLE DROIDS and GEONOSIAN warriors in the arena on GEONOSIS. This collectible LIGHTSABER also makes the iconic humming sound of an ignited blade to further let you immerse yourself in the role of this powerful JEDI. When you shut it down, the FORCE FX LIGHTSABER makes the classic power-down sound from the movies as the blade stops glowing.
Display Your LIGHTSABER Proudly
Show off this beautiful STAR WARS KIT FISTO SIGNATURE SERIES FX LIGHTSABER collectible with the included stand that is specially designed to display the LIGHTSABER in two different configurations: You can display it with the blade attached to the hilt, or display it with the blade and the hilt separated. The stand has a convenient storage space to hold the insert piece and the belt clip out of sight but within reach, while allowing everyone to admire this strikingly detailed replica!
Just Like a Real LIGHTSABER!
This official replica of the KIT FISTO LIGHTSABER has a glowing, bright green blade and makes power-up, power-down, motion sensor-controlled clash and idle hum sounds. The durable metal hilt looks and feels like a real LIGHTSABER. You can remove the blade from the hilt for different display options on the base. It comes with a belt clip to attach and wear the hilt by itself.
What’s in the Box
LIGHTSABER, insert, belt clip, display base, and instructions.

At a Glance:

The glowing, bright green blade illuminates with realistic power-up and power-down light effects
The four motion sensor-controlled sound effects include power-up, idle hum, clash and power-down and are digitally recorded from the movie
The blade can be removed from the metal hilt for different display options
It comes with a specially designed base for different display configurations and storage
It includes an attachable belt clip to hold the hilt

Age/Weight Requirements:

14 years and up

Assembly Requirements:

Three AA batteries and Phillips screwdriver (not included)

UPC: 653569603320