Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6


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Brand: Spy Gear

Color: Multi

Edition: AE376EF9


  • See what the car sees with live color video built right into the controller!
  • Real night vision to see in complete darkness!
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  • Includes one RC vehicle and one color video controller.

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The Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX6 is a spy mobile combining top features from all of the Spy Video vehicles. Unlike conventional remote-control cars, the VX6 allows you to see what it sees with real-time digital video displayed directly on the color LCD screen. Now kids can keep an eye on the action, no matter where it happens. Ideal for budding spies aged 8 years and up, the VX6 offers infrared night-vision technology, so kids can complete covert missions even after the sun goes down.

Spy Video Car VX6

Ages: Eight and up
Requires: 10 AA batteries; Phillips head screwdriver for battery installation

At a Glance:

Dual-toggle control for maneuverability
Real-time video plays on a color LCD
Infrared night-vision technology for low-light play
Remote-control signal transmits through walls
Durable design for long-lasting operation

Drive in total darkness using infrared night vision. .

The RC vehicle transmits live digital video to the remote. .

Color LCD monitor on the remote control. .

Dual Toggles and Wireless Video Feed for Optimum Control
Kids will be driving like a pro in no time using the handheld remote control, which offers complete maneuverability with its dual toggling controllers. The steering controls allow kids to operate the vehicle with precision over a variety of surfaces.
The VX6’s most impressive feature, however, is its small color LCD screen that allows you to see everything the car is seeing in real time. The video transmitted wirelessly from a camera mounted on the front of the vehicle is surprisingly clear, giving kids the ultimate edge during spy missions. The LCD screen also indicates the battery life and the strength of the signal between the car and remote control.
The camera on the vehicle is stationary with no option to tilt or move in any direction. This limits your ability to see obstacles through the LCD screen that may be in the vehicle’s path.
Night Vision Lets Kids Spy in the Dark
Young spies can take their reconnaissance under the cover of darkness with the VX6’s infrared night-vision technology. With a push of a button on the remote control, kids will be able to see video on the LCD screen even in dark rooms.
The night-vision LED is mounted right next to the camera to help kids capture valuable nighttime surveillance. Now kids can send their VX6 out on top secret missions whenever duty calls, day or night.
Strong RC Signal Works Through Walls
Walls or solid barriers won’t interrupt kids’ spy adventures. The VX6’s signal strength can transmit through walls and solid objects, so kids can operate the vehicle from a favorite hideout, even if it’s in another room.
Sturdy Build for Lasting Operation
The VX6 feels sturdy in your hand and does not have many loose parts that are easily breakable. The antennas on both the vehicle and remote control are short and sturdy and do not need to be extended for operation.
Our testers found that the car does not move terribly fast, but its treaded tires give it good traction on carpet and concrete floors allowing it to cover ground easily.
Despite its durability, the VX6 is not meant to be driven through sand, water (even small puddles), or snow, and driving down stairs or off curbs should be avoided.
What’s in the Box
Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX6, remote control, and instruction guide.

From the Manufacturer

Adjust the camera angle on the wireless spy car and send it on secret missions using the hand-held remote control. Observe the journey and the destination on the small LCD screen attached to your controller. From the safety of your spy headquarters, watch what’s going on wherever your video car may roam, indoors or out. See what the car sees with live color video built right into the controller. Real night vision to see in complete darkness. Transmits up to 200′ through walls. Includes one RC vehicle and one color video controller.

UPC: 788668704361