SOTUISA 18″ Kids Scooter Rolling Suitcase Lazy Trolley case Skateboard Luggage for Children’s Travel Suitcase on Wheels Baby Luggage


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  • 1. To judge the quality of a trolley case, the key lies in its material. We used a new type of composite PC material to form the main structure of the trolley case.
  • 2. Unlike some ABS+PC materials, the cabinet is very light and thin, and its elastic properties can achieve a cushioning effect.
  • 3. PC can withstand 3 times the pressure of ABS material. So this is the reason why brand-name luggage likes to use PC materials.
  • 4. The telescopic handle is close to the inside of the box, which greatly improves the use space of the box. Made of double-thickened aluminum alloy (0.8mm), it enhances the strength of the handle while improving the appearance.
  • 5. Use 10 strands of protective rubber teeth, from deformation and lifting, while ordinary zipper only uses 4 strands. 3 times stronger than ordinary zippers, making your journey safer.

UPC: 797564015020