Simpsons: Hit and Run – Xbox


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Brand: Vivendi Universal

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  • Disappearances, hidden cameras, crop circles — Springfield has taken a turn for the weird lately. Homer decides to follow a mysterious black van and unravel the mystery!
  • Fun mission-based driving levels take you on an interactive tour of Springfield
  • Pick up hidden power-ups that will give you a chance to relive 14 seasons’ worth of funny Simpson-style action
  • Events will set off hidden animated gags just like you’d see in actual Simpsons episodes
  • Fun and funny multiplayer driving modes for up to 4 players

Details: From the Manufacturer The Simpsons Hit & Run is a mission-based driving game featuring out-of-the-car platform action, the interactive world of Springfield, and the signature humor of the Simpsons. New story and dialogue crafted by writers from The Simpsons television show All character voices supplied by the cast of The Simpsons television show Over 56 missions in 7 huge levels Explore Springfield on foot as Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge,and Apu Hidden pick-ups containing trivia material from 300-plus episodes of The Simpsons Product Description Do’h! Join Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa as they race around Springfield landmarks on another madcap quest.

UPC: 020626724937