Shining Force EXA – PlayStation 2


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Author: Artist Not Provided

Brand: SEGA

Edition: Standard


  • Combination of real-time action and tactical battle strategies create a unique gameplay experience. Defend the fortress from encroaching beasts and destroy hordes of fearsome enemies in the field.
  • Manage and build your ancient fortress. Build up robot defense squadrons, construct training grounds for elite soldiers, maintain and upgrade shield systems and more.
  • Two playable heroes in one adventure. Battle as Toma, the chosen carrier of the Shining Force sword or Cyrille, a legendary sorceress with mysterious motives.
  • Customizable warriors. There is deeper customization than ever before with hundreds of items and weapons to upgrade your character.
  • Revamped Party AI. Switch out the battle party’s weapons to change the fighting techniques and thus, the course of battle.

Details: Shining Force EXA challenges you to unite a planet. A bitter war between two world superpowers has raged on for decades; armies of beasts and demons devastate the people and the land. With both sides deadlocked, two young heroes rise up to begin a heroic journey to stop the fighting and unite the divided world. As either Toma, a talented sword fighter boy, or Cyrille, a cunning female sorceress, you’ll venture into a stunning world of swords and sorcery teeming with a huge variety of tribes. With aggressive offensive and defensive strategies, you’ll lead your battle party into combat while protecting your home base, the Geo Fortress, from massive attacks. Enhanced Power Arts System – Players will master different Power Arts and unleash a wide variety of magic attacks

UPC: 010086631128