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Road Rash is a game series that’s been around since the Sega Genesis, but this is its first incarnation on the Nintendo 64. For its part, THQ has done a smashing job of bringing the brawling motorcycle game into the world of 3-D. The game lacks much visual detail, but that lack allows a frame rate that never slows down, even when 10 or more bikers are on the road, hacking at each other and vying for the pole position. Like its ancestors, Road Rash 64 presents two goals–winning road races, and abusing other riders, including cops in pursuit. The crashes are spectacular. Sparks fly as bikes scrape along the pavement, and riders perform aerial acrobatics as they fly off their hogs. Text messages also appear onscreen to notify players of who caused whom to crash–a nice touch that is reminiscent of online multiplayer PC games. The game has two major classes of motorcycles: cruisers that are durable and fast on straightaways, and sport bikes that are aerodynamic and nimble around turns. As players progress through a one-player game, they will be invited to join one of two bike-centric gangs, supplying relative immunity from their brethren during gameplay–unless you hit one of them first! The multiplayer mode offers a number of different options, including lap races, death match, tag, and pedestrian hunting. While the single-player game is pure adrenaline fun, Road Rash 64 with four players is an experience not to be missed. In addition to thrilling sound effects, Road Rash 64 has some very noisy, and very appropriate, musical accompaniment from real recording artists such as Sugar Ray and the Mermen. –Jeff YoungPros:Excellent in-game musicGreat control and fluid actionA cathartic, high-energy experience, especially in multiplayer modeCons:Graphics don’t feature very detailed textures, even with expansion pack support

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180 MPH slap in the face, anyone? Multi-player modes for up to four players including Deathmatch, Cop Mode and Tag. New weapons and moves like the dreaded spoke jam. Intense pack brawling, including grudges and alliances. 200 miles of interconnected tracks and environments. Over 25 bikes and characters to choose from. Thrashin’ soundtrack featuring Sugar Ray, The Mermen and more!


At its best, the Road Rash series is the perfect blend of motorcycle racing and slapstick combat. The last game in the line, Road Rash 3D for the PlayStation, leaned much more toward racing than fighting and ignored the fondly remembered two-player mode seen in Road Rash 2 for the Genesis. It was a good enough game; it just wasn’t really Road Rash. Road Rash 64, however, created by THQ and EA-alum Don Traeger’s Pacific Coast Power & Light, is a complete rethinking of Road Rash 3D, rather than the N64 port it was once thought to be. Beyond all the extras it offers over its PlayStation cousin, it returns combat squarely to the fray, making Road Rash feel like Road Rash once again. This may sound elementary, but fans of the series will appreciate what this means for the gameplay. Fans will also be glad to hear that there’s more fighting in RR64 than in any previous Road Rash game, and this time you’re even graded on your pugilistic performance at the end of each stage. Causing multiple accidents and resisting arrest earns you a modest cash bonus on top of the money you garner for placing in the race. New weapons, such as pool cues and cans of mace, now add to the familiar RR arsenal of cattle prods, nunchucks, and crowbars, with power-ups such as a 4X damage modifier making an appearance as well. Weapon or no weapon (fists and feet), the in-game fighting is great fun, too. In fact, it almost supercedes the racing element entirely. You’ll begin discovering combinations that work well against your opponents, like using the cattle prod to stun a racer and then kicking him into a tree or into the path of an oncoming car. As you come to know the different racers, all of whom have different names and pers

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