Rimowa Classic Flight IATA Carry on Luggage 21″ Inch Cabin Multiwheel 33L TSA Suitcase Silver



Brand: Rimowa

Color: CLF-22-SIL


  • Imported
  • The Rimowa Classic Flight Cabin Multiwheel 21″ is made of lightweight durable Aluminium magnesium alloy with polished aluminum corners
  • TSA LOCK: Integrated in the case, the innovative TSA lock is recognized around the world and can be opened without damage during security checks
  • HANDLE: The handcrafted suitcases have handles made of leather that is as fine as it is durable, giving the collection its special character and its timeless elegance
  • Flex-Divider system, adjustable packing straps and decorative inner lining

Details: 21″ Rimowa Classic Flight CABIN MULTIWHEEL LUGGAGE
Traditional, innovative, elegant and timeless retro, the Classic Flight Collection is something special in two respects:
First, it provides an excellent reminder of the take off of aviation and the first long trips by aeroplane.
Second, Classic Flight offers a premium-class luggage collection with a touch of nostalgia.
The IATA Cabin Multiwheel meets the existing dimension specifications observed by the International Air Transport Association.

Color: Silver
Dimensions: 21.7 x 15.7 x 7.9 inch
Weight: 9.7 lb
Volume: 33.0 L
2 TSA combination locks
Luggage label