RENFEIYUAN Pretty Transparent 2x2x2 Ma Professional 3D Educational Toy for Adults or Kids Rubik piramix


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  • ECO FRIENDLY LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION The ma weight is only 70g, dimension 50X50X50 mm, convenient for carrying to anywhere
  • SIMPLE FOR THE BEGINNER Simple construction, smooth rotation, even beginners can quickly restore the
  • PRETTY EXTERIOR DESIGN e of clear ABS plastic, wonderful PVC ,showing a crystallike texture
  • EASY TO TURN the ma can rotate super easily and smoothly thanks to its unique construction! It is highly difficult to pop no matter what you will reach!
  • GIFT OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE We have designed this ma to sharpen your mind and make it an excellent gift idea for anyone. Boys, girls, teenagers, adults or even your lovely grandma! Everybody will cherish moments of happiness with it and maybe challenge their patience s!