Quadro K5000 for Mac, 4GB GDDR5 PCI Express Gen 2 x16, DVI-I DL, DisplayPort, DirectX (Boot Camp), CUDA and OpenCL Profesional Board – Epic IT Service


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Brand: Epic IT Service


  • Boot screens up to 2560×1600 max, good for Apple Cinema 27 inch monitor 2560×1440.
  • 4 GB GDDR5 GPU Memory with Ultra-Fast Memory Bandwidth, 30-bit color support (10-bit per each red, green, blue channel). Dual DisplayPort 1.2, supports 4K once desktop is reached (3840×2160 4k @ 60 Hz).
  • Dual-link DVI-I/DVI-D outputs (up to 2560×1600 @ 60 Hz and 1920×1200 @ 120 Hz) Internal 400 MHz DAC DVI-I output
  • Alternatively, you may search amazon with keyword: B0824N5RJX for AMD RX 580 8GB Mac card; or B01MUB6IWE for Quadro 4000 for Mac; or B084Q27H1D for Geforce GT 640 for Mac

Details: The Quadro K5000 for Mac gives artists and editors new levels of power and interactivity. From small agencies to large media conglomerates, creative pros like you using the Apple Mac Pro want tools to help bring your vision to life as fast as possible—without sacrificing quality. With the Quadro K5000 for Mac, you can experience the world’s most powerful professional-class GPU on the Apple Mac Pro platform for accelerating professional design, animation, and video applications. It’s configured with 4 GB of on-board memory and delivers the power and efficiency of the NVIDIA Kepler GPU architecture to dramatically accelerate the creative process. With the Quadro K5000 for Mac’s new display engine, content creators can process and view high-resolution cinema 4K content or drive up to four displays simultaneously. This innovative solution’s next-generation streaming multiprocessor design offers important architectural changes that can transform your workflow. These include tremendous increases in per-clock throughput of key graphics operations for new levels of performance and power efficiency. Plus the Quadro K5000 for Mac features a large, 4 GB frame buffer that lets you work with larger scenes and improve interaction during the creation process. Now, you can drive up to four displays simultaneously from the two DVI and two DisplayPort connections. DisplayPort 1.2 support means you get enhanced color depth, higher refresh rates, and the ability to support ultra-high resolutions of 3840×2160 @ 60Hz or 4096×2160 @ up to 48 Hz. Designed and built specifically for professional workstations, NVIDIA Quadro GPUs currently power more than 50 professional applications in media and entertainment.

UPC: 634949578216