PROTUBEVR – MagTube VR Gunstock Rifle by ProTubeVR for Oculus Quest 2 – Black


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Color: Black

Edition: 2021


  • 🥇[DOMINATE THE BATTLEFIELD] With this MagTube Rifle Gun Stock for Oculus Quest 2, increase your aim and precision in VR FPS game and reload with a fast and intuitive gesture
  • ⚙️[ADVANTAGE] With its articulated frame, set your rifle in secondes, depending on your preferences and reload or throw a grenade without hesitation
  • 🌎[RECOGNIZED MANUFACTURER] ProTubeVR designs and manufactures VR accessories, famous in world competitions such as the VR Master League or the E-Sport League since 2017
  • 🎨[MORE CHOICE] ProTubeVR accessories are available in other brands of VR headsets, colors and options such as magnetic cups to reload faster, bipod for your long-range shots or a stock that simulates each shot’s force feedback
  • 👍[GUARANTEE OF QUALITY] Test with confidence our internationally patented products, favor the original version guaranteed 2 years, return without question up to 1 month after purchase, permanent support and a large Discord community

Details: Do not let your enemies escape with your improved aim.
Whether on the shooting range or in an armed conflict, the MagTube rifle will be the tactical tool that will improve your accuracy and your reflexes in virtual reality. MagTube gunstock also improves your freedom, your efficiency and your reaction time. Improve your K/D ratio in your favorite VR FPS games and crush your enemies.

Increased immersion
You will feel like you are holding a rifle. Immerse yourself completely in your game, without worrying about positioning your controllers. Feel the butt against your shoulder and the firm grip on your rifle to feel like the real player in your game.
Coming with the MagCups, disconnect and reconnect your controllers to your rifle with a simple, instinctive and quick gesture. Reloading? Throwing a grenade? Equipping a secondary weapon? It becomes natural, fast and easy.

Unleash your potential on VR FPS games
Onward, Pavlov, Population One, Stand Out, H3VR, Contractors, Gun Club VR and many mores.

They talk about us

Press : ETR, Road To VR, The VR Realm, UploadVR, VRFitnessInsider
YouTube : Virtual Reality Oasis, Cas and Chary VR, Irish Guerilla, ragesaq, ColeusRattus, TupacVR
Team : SMC Tactical, Vikings, Beginners

Other colors and options available

The MagTubeVR gun is available in other colors and other brands of VR headsets.
Want to be a sniper? You can add a bipod to stabilize your long distance shots.
Go even further with the ForceTube, an haptic module which replaces your stock and simulates the vibration and recoil of your weapon!

What you will get

3 x carbon tubes
1 x 3D printed carbon black stock
2 x 3D printed carbon black MagCups for Quest 2
1 x 1 point sling
2 x wrist strap