Princess Travel Suitcase Play Set for Girls with Luggage 34 Pc Set with Travel Accessories Tote


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Brand: Princess

Details: With both the Disney Princess Style Collection Play Suitcase and Travel Accessories Tote, a princess has everything she needs to travel in style. All your travel essentials are covered and stored perfectly in the chic play suitcase and tote. Lounge at the airport with play ear buds and eye mask, or freshen up before take-off. The Travel Accessories Tote hooks inside the play suitcase for easy storage and transport, perfect for any exciting trip that awaits. Real working wheels and a retractable handle make sure you always catch your flight. With a passport and ticket in your folio, you’re set to jet to adventures in faraway places. Product Features: Play suitcase and travel tote includes all of the essentials to travel in style Includes more than 30 role play travel pieces Travel accessories tote fits perfectly inside the play suitcase Suitcase includes real working wheels and retractable handle Ages 3+ Includes (1) play suitcase, (1) suitcase tag, (1) pair of play sunglasses, (1) play passport, (1) passport folio, (2) play plane tickets, (1) sticker sheet, (1) eye mask, (1) pair of play ear buds, (1) ear bud holder, (1) play lip balm and cap, (1) play hand sanitizer and cap, (1) travel map and case, (1) travel tote, (1) soap dish and lid, (1) play soap, (1) play shampoo with cap, (1) play conditioner with cap, (1) play compact with applicator, (1) brush, (1) play toothbrush and case, (1) play toothpaste with cap, (1) play lotion bottle with cap. Ages 3+

UPC: 192995201675