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Details: Amazon.com Although it’s geared more for younger players, Pokémon Snap is good clean fun for Pokémon fans of any age. In this Pokémon battle-free adventure, players assist Professor Oak in completing his Pokémon Report by photographing the cute little buggers in the wild on Pokémon Island. Players take a trolley-like ride through the island’s 3-D environments, filled with Pokémon that not only look just like they do in the cartoons, but also have “cries” to match. While there’s a limited amount of film for each trip and no zoom lens, players enjoy great freedom of directional movement from within the vehicle, thanks to solid controls.Pokémon Snap isn’t as easy as it looks, as not just any old picture will satisfy Professor Oak; submissions for his Pokémon Report are judged on size, pose, technique, and whether or not there’s more than one of the same Pokémon in the picture. As progress is made, new areas open up, and players are given items to aid them in their quest. Although there are only seven areas, they need to be revisited often, as hidden and otherwise uncooperative Pokémon must be “coaxed” by using items that you previously didn’t have before. Also, Pokémon will do some of the craziest things–which make for great photographs–but only under certain conditions that require much experimentation (or a strategy guide) to unearth. –Joe HonPros: Good clean fun for Pokémon fans of any age Cute Pokémon 3-D graphics and “cries” faithful to the cartoon series Print out stickers of your photos at a Pokémon Snap Sticker Station Cons: An anti-Pokémaniac’s worst nightmare Contains only 63 of the 151 Pokémon Game cartridge can hold only 1 player’s save data Product description Cartridge and hard plastic collector case with reprint of original case artwork – NO MANUAL – Front label is fully in tact. Game cartridge is in good condition but may show normal signs of age such as minor scratches, discoloration, or debris in creases. All games are tested before being put into our inventory. Review Having celebrated its triumphant third anniversary in Japan, one had to wonder how long the immensely popular Pokemon licensing steamroller could continue to trundle through the charts. Originally slated for the vaporous 64DD, Pokemon Snap was first met with some skepticism as a game concept, and even more after it was suddenly ported to the Nintendo 64’s aging cartridge format. Put all fears aside – Pokemon Snap is a game like no other, melding originality, fun, and creativity with Nintendo’s new flagship license. Pokemon Snap is by definition a weird game – you assume the role of a young adventurer trying to capture the elusive Pokemon, Mew… on film. Our friend’s search lands him in Professor Oak’s lab on Pokemon Island, which is virtually festering with 63 species of Pokemon. In what feels like an amalgamation of Sega’s Panzer Dragoon and National Geographic, you ride “on rails” through seven bustling environments and snap pictures of the Pokemon contained within. After you return to the lab, Professor Oak rates each picture based on a number of factors: the size of the Pokemon in the picture, whether it’s facing you, how well centered it is, and whether it’s performing a special move. Special moves and other interesting poses will net you even more points for your picture. Snap’s gameplay continually unfolds to reveal new features in traditional Nintendo style, providing a fair amount of replay for the game’s seemingly limited seven courses. For example, you start out with only a camera at your disposal, but you will eventually be able to throw apples and gas-filled “Irritating balls,” speed up your cart, and play a Pokeflute. Each of these items opens secrets, reveals new Pokemon and their special abilities, and helps you coax the wild beasts into ever more photogenic poses and situations, which help you continually develop your photographic scores. The best photograph of each Pokemon is saved on the cartridge f

UPC: 045496360290