Pokemon Colosseum Video Game for Nintendo GameCube


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Brand: Nintendo

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  • After clearing various parts of the story, you’ll compete in the incredible Pokemon Colosseums in every town
  • Fight your way through a series of difficult battles, using more Pokemon and more complex strategies as you reach for the top
  • Exciting RPG-style storyline and quests for a more advanced level of gameplay
  • Upload Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire and battle them against friends with a GameCube
  • Join with a friend for four-player multi-battles

Format: CD-ROM

Details: Product Description Follow the scent of a mysterious organization that has been turning Pokémon into Dark Pokémon. Play in full adventure mode with a storyline, or in tournament battle mode. Review If Pokemon had been around when I was 10, I would have been that crazy kid on your block who lived and breathed Pokemon in all its forms. However, the days that this would have interested me have passed, and I can only see this game for what it is: a shining example of working just hard enough to keep a franchise alive. The game isn’t glaringly sub-standard, but there was little effort put into innovation or moving the series forward.Colosseum is essentially two games, a Story Mode and a Battle Mode (which resembles the N64 Stadium titles). The plot of Story Mode is surprisingly dark and it would have been great for a 30 minute television episode; but, it doesn’t really sustain a 30 hour RPG. You control a sort of anti-hero who steals a valuable accessory from the evil organization he is working for. It turns out that this item allows the wearer to snag Shadow Pokemon (which are Pokémon who have had their hearts sealed and who are generally ornery and unpredictable) away from their masters. It’s a good thing that this thievery is encouraged, because in the barren wasteland setting, it is impossible to go out and collect Pokemon from the wild. Instead, you pump up your collection by stealing other people’s monsters, gradually opening their hearts, and then having them fight by your side.The absence of collecting in the traditional sense might come as a shock to those accustomed to the handheld RPGs, but the Battle Mode is as familiar as can be, with several types of matches to fight against the computer or your friends, providing they have Game Boy Advances. Connectivity is a big aspect of Colosseum; not only can you hook up your GBA and import your collection from Ruby or Sapphire, but you also need it if you want to play multiplayer Battle Mode. If you and your friends are pumped up about battling each other in the arena, though, odds are that you already have GBAs and nearly unbeatable Poke battalions from the previous games, so this requirement might not be too much of a drawback.What is a drawback, however, is the ridiculously low level of challenge. Now, I understand that the game is geared toward younger players, but I was at least five hours into it before I got to a battle that didn’t feel like it was set to “tutorial” difficulty. For a world where practically everyone trains Pokemon, there sure are a lot of awful trainers wandering around. The fact that my victory was assured before the battle even started just made me lose interest even faster.If you’re a fan, you’ll love the premise, the gameplay, and the overwhelming number of little critters to collect and bend to your will. Even though none of these elements are so astounding as to bring outsiders into the fold, the franchise’s debut on the GameCube (Pokemon Channel doesn’t count) is a trainer’s dream come true.Concept:Bring the two reigning genres of Pokémon games together under a single title Graphics:The environments are dull, but the creatures look as round, bouncy, and cuddly as you ever wanted them to Sound:Pika Pika? [Translation: Where are the cute little noises everything used to make?] Playability:Select commands from a menu. Repeat until bored Entertainment:Hours and hours of fun for current fans only. No others need apply Replay:High Rated: 7 out of 10Editor: Joe JubaIssue: March 20042nd Opinion: In all honesty, Pokemon Colosseum is what fans have been asking for at every opportunity during the last few years. The problem is that we got what we asked for, and I for one don’t like it all too much. What was once a handheld RPG with the gotta-catch-‘em-all hook is now a bland and (because of the Game Boy editions) predicable trek that would look more at home on the N64. While some attack and environmental effects are nice, others are embarrass

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