Playstation 2 Guitar Hero Wireless Guitar


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  • Once you’ve achieved StarPower, use the sensitive tilt-sensors in the wireless guitar to achieve maximum points.
  • There’s nothing more rock and roll than a wireless transmitter for your guitar. With the Guitar Hero Wireless Controller, you can simulate that same stage sensation in your living room.
  • Official guitar manufactured by the creator of Guitar Hero, Red Octane
  • Item only comes with guitar, game and dongle sold separately.

Details: Live out your rock star dreams with the Activision Wireless Guitar Controller. Tackle the most difficult songs and most intense hammer-ons with this fine-tuned wireless controller. As you play, you’ll see how much better you perform — the tighter feel and more precise response with give you all the excitement of chord-free rock n’ roll. For PS2.

UPC: 047875950252