Playhouse Disney 2


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Because parents can lug the cable box only so far, in 2001 Disney struck upon portability for its block of preschool programming with the
Playhouse Disney album. It featured film clips from series like
The Book of Pooh and
Bear in the Big Blue House to reconnect kids with their favorite programs. The arrival of
Playhouse Disney 2 should be greeted with the same giddiness and ants-in-the-pants anticipation as a new season of shows. Sure, chances are the kids for whom this disc is cued will already have caught the cooperation-themed episode of “PB & J Otter” that spawned the chirpy “All Together We Can Build It” and the multi-culti installment of
Bear from which “It Takes All Kinds” was extracted, but here the lyrics come through clearer. And the rejiggered roster, which includes the , will attract new recruits.
–Tammy La Gorce

UPC: 050086007479