Outdoor, Multifunctional Backpack LED Screen Dynamic Backpack Advertising Advertising Custom Text Waterproof Smart Mobile Backpack Luggage Backpack, Computer Bag



Brand: ZHENGYAQI-backpack

Color: Gray


  • Made of high quality oxford cloth, it is wear-resistant, waterproof, home leisure, large capacity and thoughtful design.
  • The product does not contain power and requires its own mobile power or other power supply; Any scene can be played at any time, cool personality, pleasing to the eye.
  • The mobile APP control can change the text display, pictures, animations can be displayed in a variety of ways.
  • Memory playback. When the product is powered off, it will display the last broadcast content again.
  • Infinity distance can be remotely controlled, ad text can be changed at will, screen brightness can be adjusted

Details: Foldable design, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, water resistance, silky smoothness
Color: grey
Features: waterproof, marketing assistant, GPS positioning function, to meet the needs of multiple ways
Material: Nylon
Pixel: 64 * 64 points
Capacity: 20L
Screen: LED
Screen size: 25 * 25cm
Support point: 64 * 64 full color dot matrix screen
Supply voltage: 5V
Power supply mode: charging treasure power supply
Program support: text image animation