NNR Drawing Board Portable Solid Wood Portable Drawing Board,Folding Multifunctional Drawing Board,for Outdoor Sketching Doodle Board (Color : Set 8K Drawing Board)



Brand: NNR

Color: Set 8k Drawing Board


  • Extremely easy to use: You can erase full-screen images and text with just one swipe.
  • Using the traditional tenon and tenon process, the painting box is firmer and the corners are safer.
  • The interior space of several painting boxes is different, and the layout is reasonable; they can be divided into categories and put different items to make the painting box clean and refreshing.
  • The humanized exquisite leather handle is soft and comfortable, and it will not be squeezed for a long time. It is very portable.
  • Selected high-quality hardware accessories, firm and strong, long time of use, and not easy to damage; smooth to the touch, smooth use without hurting hands.