NNR Drawing Board Hand-Painted Frame Roll Paper Graffiti Drawing Board Wall Hanging Kraft Paper Scroll Wall-Mounted Wall Drawing Board Doodle Board (Color : Style C 97cmx15cm)



Brand: NNR

Color: Style C 97cmx15cm


  • Extremely easy to use: You can erase full-screen images and text with just one swipe.
  • Simple functionality, fixing the kraft paper roll on the wall in the form of wall hanging, you can write thoughts, menus, specials and daily tasks.
  • Flexible and strong, with high burst resistance, can withstand greater tension and pressure without breaking, kraft paper has high tension
  • Pull down the kraft paper after use, gently tear off along the paperweight
  • Nail-free stickers suitable for walls: smooth ceramic tiles, concave-convex ceramic tiles, smooth glass, smooth metal, solid wood walls, etc., nail-free walls that are not applicable: plaster walls, whitewashed walls, wet walls, etc.