NNR Drawing Board Children’s Scaffolding Drawing Board,Magnetic Household Dust-Free Drawing Board,for Writing,Painting,Graffiti Doodle Board (Color : Double-Sided Suit C)



Brand: NNR

Color: Double-sided Suit C


  • Extremely easy to use: You can erase full-screen images and text with just one swipe.
  • The double-sided A-shaped structure follows the principle of triangle mechanics. The pyramid style is stable and resistant to pressure, so that the center of gravity is closer to the ground. The child’s writing and drawing are stable and not easy to shake, and not easy to roll over.
  • According to the height and posture requirements of the child at different stages, two-stage adjustment is designed, the height of the lower gear can be adjusted to 77cm/30.3in, and the height of the high gear is 97cm/38.1in.
  • Large-capacity grooved storage box at the bottom, painting supplies, books, accessories can be loaded, hidden storage box, take and put, children can be stored
  • Magnetic drawing board, no chalk, keep children away from dust, easy to write and easy to erase, clear and smooth handwriting, to accompany the healthy growth of children

Details: Advanced technology: This upgraded version of the screen can ensure smooth writing and high accuracy; the handwriting board allows you to write enough content freely and has a longer service life.
Name: Children’s drawing board
Color as shown
Style: single-sided / double-sided
Size: 97cmx77cmx60cm/38.1inx30.3inx23.6in
No radiation, children will be very safe and enjoy the most beautiful indoor or outdoor time, fun and magical, your children will love it!