NNR Drawing Board Children’s Double-Sided Drawing Board, Magnetic Support Type Erasable Drawing Board,Kindergarten Drawing,Graffiti Doodle Board (Color : Standard Blue for Long Legs)



Brand: NNR

Color: Standard Blue for Long Legs


  • Extremely easy to use: You can erase full-screen images and text with just one swipe.
  • The drawing board is delicate, easy to write, delicate texture, no trace, no time-consuming and laborious cleaning, smooth writing and easy to wipe
  • There is a card slot in the drawing board, and the two sides can be used at the same time without swinging. Two babies can draw and play together. One board is done!
  • The drawing board can be turned 360°, and the angle is controllable. You can draw while standing or sitting.
  • Just paint

Details: Advanced technology: This upgraded version of the screen can ensure smooth writing and high accuracy; the handwriting board allows you to write enough content freely and has a longer service life.
Name: Magnetic plastic drawing board
material: plastic
Color: blue, pink
Type: Magnetic plastic drawing board
Long legs: 108cmx48cmx46cm/42.5inx18.8inx18.1in
Short foot style: 82cmx48cmx35cm/32.2inx18.8inx13.7in
No radiation, children will be very safe and enjoy the most beautiful indoor or outdoor time, fun and magical, your children will love it!