Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition With Bonus IRONKLAD Controller


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Brand: Nintendo

Details: NES Classic Edition Gaming Console by Nintendo
There is nothing like a gaming console that ensures uninterrupted action for every gaming enthusiast. Keeping this in mind, Nintendo brings to you a gaming console that has been designed on the line of the path breaking NES, which was originally released in 1985.
PortableEasy to useDifferent display modes to choose fromFour Suspend Point slots
As each pixel is a perfect square, you will be able to view the game exactly as it is.
Original NES game look with a slight horizontal stretch.
NES Classic Controller ensures ease of use. Classic Pre-Installed Games that will Add to your Entertainment QuotientThe NES Classic Edition comes with multiple pre-uploaded games such as Metroid, Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3, Donkey Kong, Balloon Fight and The Legend of Zelda. These retro games are an all-time favorite of every gaming enthusiast.

UPC: 755838611255