Next Level Racing Wheel Stand DD for Direct Drive Wheels (NLR-S013)


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Brand: Next Level Racing

Color: black


  • Adjustable wheel height and angle, adjustable pedal distance and angle
  • Compatible with all major wheel and pedals. Pre-drilled for Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatic, Fanatic podium DD1 and DD2 wheels, and experience accuforce wheels
  • Included handbrake adaptor plate predrilled for Thrustmaster tssh and Fanatic handbrakes (can support 2 x Thrustmaster tssh at the same time)
  • Included Gear shifter support can be added on left or right side of Stand and height adjustable
  • Upgradeable to Full cockpit including motion (seat Add On coming soon)

Details: The Next Level Racing wheel Stand DD is the strongest and most rigid, adjustable, highest quality and feature packed wheel Stand the market has ever seen. We have used extensive customer and professional feedback to ensure the DD raises the benchmark for wheel stands in terms of quality, design and functionality. Introducing laser cut and robot welded carbon steel in a Stealth Matte black finish for ultimate rigidity as well as look. The wheel Stand DD is the next level OF wheel stands, Designed and engineered to be the strongest and most feature packed. The wheel Stand DD is the first to withstand the strength of direct drive wheels, professional pedal sets and include handbrake support. The wheel Stand DD is a professional Grade product for the serious sim racers using high end equipment. The stand is engineered and extensively tested for use with direct drive wheels, professional pedal sets, high end Thrustmaster and Fanatic wheels, shifters and even handbrakes. The unique design allows portability without compromising strength by being able to lift and roll the wheel Stand on its front wheels and then Lock for serious racing. Customers that don’t require portability also have the option of having the stand on its adjustable feet without using the wheels provided. This is the wheel Stand built for the hardcore racer and will be upgradeable to a full cockpit including motion compatibility with the Next Level Racing seat Add On for wheel Stand DD coming soon.

UPC: 737787153246