New Sony Playstation 4 20Th Anniversary Edition – PS4300667


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Brand: PlayStation

Edition: Standard


  • Extremely Rare 20th Anniversary Edition – 12,300 Wordwide
  • 20th Anniversary Edition Controller with Special Touchpad Markings
  • 20th Anniversary Edition PS Camera
  • 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 Vertical Stand

Details: The 20th Anniversary Edition of the Sony PlayStation 4 sports the grey finish of the original PlayStation and its classic logo. Sony chose to sell 12,300 units to match the launch date of the original PlayStation, December 3, 1994, or 12/3. The PS4 DualShock controller is also grey as part of the anniversary bundle with special 20th Anniversary markings on the touchpad, and the bundle is packaged in a special collector’s box. Also included is the PS Camera and Vertical Stand, both in the classic grey finish.

UPC: 711719500216