Ms Pac Man Jakks Pacific Wireless Game


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Brand: Ms Pac Man


  • wireless
  • Games already downloaded

Details: Play Ms Pac Man, Galaga, Pole Position, Mappy, Xevious, Bosconian and New Rally X from up to 70 feet away from the wireless base; Joystick and Buttons for Firing or Accelerating/Decelrating on certain games are designed identically to their Early 1980’s Counterparts and are backed by Jakks Pacific Warranty (This is a New Vintage Toy from 2004). Used versions, unless intentionally damaged, should last for years but do come with an unconditional warranty (on the box) and the Phone Number for Jakks Pacific; Requires 8 Double 8 Alkaline Batteries (some for the wireless base that plugs into you your TV’s RCA Jack (Red/White Only) and the others for the Joystick/Firing Unit that has a strong signal enabling the player to play several dozen feet from the television set 7 games in one – all games come with and sound exactly like the Namco Arcade Games they contain and, while this toy is Rated “E” for Everyone, it is extremely popular with both children and adults alike due to the nostalgia factor.

UPC: 684334548447