Mia Toro Spider Eye 3 Piece Set, One Size


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Brand: Mia Toro

Color: Spider Eye


  • The creation of the Jennifer L. Schmidt designer art Spider Eye hard side spinner luggage began with one complex goal; The fusion of art and science together. When design and craftsmanship meets state of the art our experience is revolutionary. The Mia Toro brand simply stands for strength, beauty, technology and innovation your travel experience will change to a new exciting level.
  • Light weight armor-flex composite.
  • Glossy finish that enhances the Designer Art.
  • Mia Toro Italy offers a “World Wide 10 year Cloud Protection” warranty covers your claims within 24 hours with the part simply shipped to you. You don’t even have to call us! It is the World’s First Virtual Warranty. Totally hassle free and no worries.
  • 12×18.7×28

Details: Jennifer L Schmidt Spider Eye Hard side Spinner 3PC Set

UPC: 841795142007