Mekamon Berserker v2 Gaming Robot – US (White)


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Brand: Mekamon

Color: White


  • CODE – Learn to code with MekaMon using the new ReachEdu app! Use visual programming suites such as MekaDraw, MekaMotion and MekaCode to create your own programs for your robot. The ReachEdu app is the realisation of Reach Robotics CEO Silas Adekunle’s initial inspiration for MekaMon; using real world robotics to entertain, inspire, and educate in the classroom and at home.
  • GUIDED LEARNING MISSIONS – Inbuilt guided learning missions take learners on an engaging adventure set within the MekaMon universe as they learn to code. Code coding concepts are taught through game-like challenges in a creative, experimental space where students can explore the possibilities of their robot while developing key programming skills.
  • UNPRECEDENTED MOTION – Pilot and experiment with MekaMon’s movement and gait in Free Drive and develop your own animations in the MekaMotion studio. MekaMon’s three degrees of freedom per leg and exceptional flexibility deliver unparalleled fluidity of movement.
  • BATTLE – Recruit up to four friends to experience enhanced MekaMon Battles. With streamlined weapon management you can now upgrade and customise your robot as you make your living room the battlefield. Play solo in our revolutionary single player augmented reality experience. Go head to head against AI opponents in a virtual battlefield or build your own arena for a fresh challenge.
  • PERSONALITY – MekaMon is now more alive than ever! From multi-coloured head LEDs to expressive body language, MekaMon has a number of ways to tell you how it’s feeling. Watch as your robot reacts to your touch in real-time, with highly tuned results. MekaMon lives and plays alongside you and if it’s not happy, you’ll know about it!

Details: Mekamon is a robot like no other. The world’s first true gaming robot, Mekamon competes in intense real life battles and single player augmented reality combat. Controlled entirely through your iOS or Android smart device, Mekamon introduces a unique hybrid of virtual and real world play through next level robotics, gaming, and are we’ve taken the world’s first gaming robot further with an expansive software overhaul and hardware updates sitting on the frontline of robotic technology. From brand New dynamic are environments to a reimagined battle mode, Mekamon is back to wage war, and this time it’s a whole lot more powerful. Plus, take control of your Mekamon for the first time ever with the brand new reachedu coding app!

UPC: 680044979175