Megabloks Halo UNSC Elephant


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Brand: Mega Bloks


  • Buildable UNSC Elephant
  • Working repair crane and manual deployment ramp
  • 3 LAAV Machine Guns
  • Includes new Black Recon Armor Spartan micro action figures and 6 Marines
  • Includes buildable UNSC Mongoose


Based on the legendary Halo universe, the 1,282-piece Mega Bloks Halo UNSC Elephant set will delight and challenge builders with its size and authenticity. Designed for ages eight and up, this set will inspire imagination long after construction. Guard the battlefield with six micro action figures and use the UNSC Mongoose to patrol the area. The UNSC Elephant is ready to take on anything with two LAAV machine guns that swivel and move and a functioning crane to handle repairs.

HALO UNSC Elephant

Ages: Eight and up
Pieces: 1,282

At a Glance:

Buildable 1,282-piece Halo UNSC Elephant and Mongoose
Articulated Black Recon Armor Spartan micro action figure and five Marines
Two LAAV machine guns swivel and move
Working repair crane and manual deployment ramp
Camo Effect Mega Bloks and decals for authenticity

Authentic design features swiveling guns and repair crane. .

Includes six micro action figures with interchangeable weapons. .

Bring the Halo Universe to Life
Based on the famous video game, the Mega Bloks UNSC Elephant is the ultimate mobile command center of the Halo universe. Let imagination take over as the UNSC Elephant rolls onto the battlefield.
Scout the surrounding area with six micro action figures, five Marines and one Black Recon Armor Spartan, and six interchangeable weapons. Man the two LAAV machine guns that actually swivel and move, and use the repair crane to pick up precious cargo.
The best feature is the buildable UNSC Mongoose that can be used to patrol the perimeter. Enter into battle using the manual deployment ramp and protect the UNSC Elephant from attack.
Building the UNSC Elephant
Boasting 1,282 pieces, the UNSC Elephant is an extensive build. A colorful instruction booklet provides excellent visual step-by-step directions. Another cool feature is that the booklet color codes where each piece is supposed to snap into the next and includes a helpful inventory list for the entire set.
Because the set has so many pieces, our testers recommend a large, flat area for organization, inventory, and assembly. There are a lot of very small pieces to be aware of so they don’t get lost or misplaced.
Easy to Build with Snap-Together Pieces
One of the most noticeable features of the UNSC Elephant set is how easy the pieces snap together and how well the moving parts work. For example, the tires on the UNSC Mongoose roll with ease and the treads on the UNSC Elephant actually move.
In addition, the set features Camo Effect Mega Bloks and decals for authenticity.
Articulated Micro Action Figures
Another cool feature is that the arms, legs, and head on each of the six micro action figures move and bend in all directions. There are also six guns that can be interchanged among the micro action figures and a number of tools that can be clipped into their hands.
What’s in the Box
1,282 Mega Bloks pieces and instruction booklet.

From the Manufacturer

The massive UNSC Elephant roars onto the battlefield as the ultimate mobile command center. A Recon Spartan, cloaked in stealthy black body armor, scouts the surrounding area, ensuring the Elephant finds the optimum position to deploy its forces—taking the fight to the Covenant.

UPC: 065541971639