Male Umbrella By Pasotti, Expensive Accessory For Men


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Brand: Fama

Color: Blue, Silver


  • ACCENT – special attention deserves a handle of the umbrella made in the form of a head of an eagle, which will give the accessory a special extravagance.
  • PRACTICE – The height of the umbrella allows it to be used as a walking stick.
  • MATERIALS – for the creation of this product, the craftsmen used the highest quality materials that will retain their appearance over the years.
  • HANDMADE in Italy – All Pasotti products are made by handmade craftsmen with an individual approach and a special love.
  • GIFT BOX INCLUDED – A special box with the Pasotti logo comes with an umbrella.

Details: Pasotti’s umbrella is a laconic and elegant accessory that complements the exquisite style of its owner.
The male umbrella by Pasotti is a unique accessory that will nicely surprise the representatives of the strong half of humanity. The wide tent made of high-quality polyester web and it’s waterproof. A special accent of the represented umbrella is a handle in the form of an eagle’s head covered with spray of silver.
Characteristic: Type of umbrella: cane Fabric type: 100% polyester Elevation: 98 cm. Dome diameter: 102 cm. Material: Nickel-plated steel, plastic, polyester.

UPC: 669002655245