Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete


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  • Almost an hour of detailed animation sequences
  • Over 90 minutes of dialogue
  • Includes 3 game discs plus the making of lunar 2 disc.

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Return to the enchanting world of Lunar, now 1,000 years after the events in the first role-playing adventure game. Dark forces are trying to revive the evil Zophar and cast Lunar into darkness forever. Only the goddess Althena is powerful enough to stop Zophar.
In Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, you’ll play the part of Hiro, who, with the adorable Ruby at his side, will try to unlock the secrets of the Blue Spire and the odd young girl kept inside. You’ll interact with exciting new characters, fight vividly animated monsters, traverse snow-covered mountain peaks, and crawl through slimy dungeons. Meanwhile, the story will reveal itself to you through nearly an hour’s worth of anime-style movie scenes and 90 minutes of dialog.

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue is old-school role-playing goodness at its very best. From the story to the simple battle system, it doesn’t bore players with the details that can make newer role-playing games unbearable. No,
Lunar 2 won’t impress anyone with its likewise old-school graphics, but that’s not the point. This game is fun.
The story in Lunar 2 doesn’t take itself as seriously as other role-playing games, which contributes to the fun. The game’s hero, Hiro, and his sidekick Ruby must help a young girl locate the goddess Althena. The quest turns out to be long, spanning three disks, most of which hold full-motion video cutscenes.
The video sequences in Lunar 2 are probably the best part. They mix Japanese anime with computer graphics and are completely stunning. The in-game graphics, on the other hand, are ported straight from the 16-bit Sega CD, with a few enhancements, so those who like eye candy should consider themselves warned. –Robb Guido

Light and fun
Super movie sequences that mix anime and computer graphics


Outdated graphics

UPC: 735366010713