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  • Reliable materials: made of high-quality environmental protection. The sleek edges and soft curves eliminate potential damage. In addition, it can help you avoid oil stains on your clothes when painting with paint or ink. You can relax with peace of mind while your children are playing
  • Simulates the effect of a brush and a fountain pen, with different pressing pressures, the thickness and color of the strokes are natural and smooth, the pressure effect is sensitive and delicate, and the lines are round and natural.
  • There are six customizable hard shortcuts on the left side of the fuselage, six commonly used tools can be switched with one key, use without the keyboard, control the overall situation of the canvas, and double the painting efficiency
  • The full-board design is closer to real hand-painting, the painting area has a classic proportions, and the display ratio is automatically recognized, so you can draw masterpieces as you like.
  • Delicate matte feel, the body is continuously innovated and developed to be as light as 0.277kg, and the body is as thin as 0.8cm and 0.3in, which is as thin and light as the mobile phone in your hand. It can be put in a bag and carried with you.