LTCTL Drawing Board Children’s Three-Dimensional Drawing Room Drawing Board Children’s Home Erasable Graffiti Drawing Board Writing Toys


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Brand: LTCTL


  • Reliable materials: made of high-quality environmental protection. The sleek edges and soft curves eliminate potential damage. In addition, it can help you avoid oil stains on your clothes when painting with paint or ink. You can relax with peace of mind while your children are playing
  • The small space at the bottom of the painting room can store children’s items.
  • The beech wood is durable, delicate to the touch, and not easy to deform. The surface is covered with environmentally friendly varnish for easy care and cleaning.
  • We added rounded corner codes to the four corners of the drawing board to reduce corner collisions, and the surface is covered with water-based paint, which makes it smooth to the touch.
  • The product contains 2 memory foam cushions. Memory foam has good resilience, can evenly distribute body weight, and is not tired after sitting for a long time. It can be disassembled outside the seat, so you can clean it at any time.