Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard


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Brand: Logitech


  • Gaming keyboard
  • High level of information, programmability and control
  • Adjustable display
  • Programmable G-keys
  • One year limited warranty

Details: From the Manufacturer

The Logitech® G15 Keyboard™ offers gamers an unprecedented level of in-game information, programmability, and control. Its adjustable-tilt, backlit LCD display shows you crucial system info during game play, and lets you set timers to keep track of game events. You can even stay in touch with your IM buddies while you’re playing! The 18 programmable G Keys™ let you execute macros—for example, casting spells in World of Warcraft with a single button press—and the backlit keys are great for lights-out play. The Logitech® G15 Keyboard™ also has a switch that turns off the Windows® key so hitting it won’t accidentally end your game. It´s completely customized to help you play better. Try it and you won’t imagine going back to a standard keyboard.FeaturesView game stats. Use the GamePanel™ LCD to view game stats, create new macros, and keep track of important system information without leaving the game. LCD panel closes completely for storage. Play in the dark. Illuminated characters are easily visible in both bright and low-light conditions. Three levels of backlighting brightness for late-night gaming sessions. Create and save new macros with a press of a button—while you´re still playing. 18 fully programmable “G Keys” have three shift states for 54 possible custom macros per game Eliminate cable hassles! Intelligently route mouse, headset, or other cables using convenient channels under the keyboard. Begin playing immediately. Basic media controls — Play/pause, track forward/back, stop, mute, and volume up/down—are all easy to find. Record custom key sequences. Make on-the-fly additions to your key programming set with Macro Record button. Watch and listen. Convenient media keys for easy management of video and audio playback. Play forever. Super robust keys are rated to 20 million key presses — twice the durability of normal keyboard keys. Gaming Mode Switch disables the Windows key so you don´t get dropped out of your game if you accidentally touch it. Detachable palmrest provides ergonomic comfort for long sessions.Adjustable-tilt, backlit LCD display The GamePanel™ LCD shows you crucial system information during gameplay.Folding LCD panel Closes completely for storage or transportation.Backlit keys Three brightness levels, for playing in darkened rooms.Programmable G keys Perform single keystrokes or complex macros with 18 programmable G keys.System RequirementsPC with Pentium® processor or compatible Windows® XP 256 MB RAM 20 MB of available hard disk space CD-ROM drive USB port GamePanel™ LCD requires software that supports Logitech® GamePanel™ technology.Package ContentsLogitech® G15 Gaming Keyboard Installation CD with GamePanel™ software User Guide One-year limited warranty

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G15 Gaming Keyboard USB Game Panel DISP

UPC: 097855034410