LIUCHANXIU Tripod White Board, Removable Rotating Double-Sided Hook, Strong and Strong, Magnetic Aluminum Notice Board 60 × 90cm


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  • Height adjustment: The telescopic design of the bracket can flexibly adjust the height of the bracket, and the board can be fixed by adjusting to the appropriate height
  • Whiteboard fixing buckle: push-pull fixing design, making the bracket suitable for whiteboards of various specifications
  • Whiteboard stand design: After installing the whiteboard slot, place the whiteboard directly on it
  • Free hanging, easy to use, simple and beautiful, mainly used in offices, shops, schools, etc.
  • After sales: If you have any questions, please contact us. If it is our problem, we will refund 100% of the full amount.

Details: Product name: Bracket type whiteboard

Unit weight: 5.0 kg
Frame material: aluminum alloy
Specifications: 60 * 90

Type: Single-sided

Panel material: paint panel

Fully imported tripod hook is removable

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