Life Line – PlayStation 2


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Brand: Konami

Edition: Standard


  • While at a party at a space hotel, an alien invasion happens. The only survivors are yourself and a hotel worker named Rio. You’ve managed to hook into the hotel’s surveillance and communications systems — you’ll use them to guide Rio to safety.
  • In this all voice-activated adventure game, you’ll control Rio by communicating with her – Tell her where to explore, how to solve puzzles and how to fight the aliens
  • Talk Rio through getting past obstacles and collecting necessary equipment, and lead her away from danger
  • Unique voice-recognition technology – Rio responds to over 5,000 and 100,000 phrases
  • Compatible with any USB headset

Details: Product Description

Using only a microphone headset peripheral, set out on a heart-pounding epic in a futuristic space station hotel rocked by a massive attack. The world’s first game to replace the handheld controller with voice activated commands.

From the Manufacturer

Put down the controller and speak up! In the first-ever voice activated action-adventure game, players will work together with the main character Rio by verbally guiding her through this heart-pounding adventure. Compatible with any USB headset peripheral, LifeLine’s unprecedented technology features voice-recognition of over 5,000 words and 100,000 phrases such as “Shoot!”, “Run!” and “Dodge and reload!”

Revolutionary gameplay experience!
Incredible voice recognition system allows you to communicate with Rio
Guide Rio through intense battles and an amazing adventure
Compatible with any USB headset

UPC: 083717200710