LEGO Toy Story Woody’s Round Up (7594)


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Brand: LEGO

Color: Multicolor


  • Set includes 3 minifigures: Sheriff Woody, Jessie and Stinky Pete
  • Catapult trap on the pavement between the jail and the sheriff office
  • Bullseye with bendable legs
  • Jail with exploding wall and sheriff’s office with safe and handcuffs
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Details: From the Manufacturer

“Run like the wind, Bullseye.” With only moments to spare, Sheriff Woody and Bullseye save Jessie from the gold mine wired with dynamite by Stinky Pete. Now in jail, Stinky Pete is already planning to escape and take the money from the safe. But Sheriff Woody is ready with a catapult trap in the sidewalk.

UPC: 673419130950