LEGO Star Wars Jedi Starfighter and Vulture Droid


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Brand: LEGO

Color: Multicolor


  • Vulture Droid converts to walking mode
  • Jedi starfighter features moveable wings and cockpit that opens
  • Includes Anakin Skywalker

Details: Product Description

Challenge the Vulture Droid with this awesome LEGO set! Anakin Skywalker is getting ready to fight a supreme space battle as he confronts the powerful Vulture Droids in his Jedi Starfighter. Only a master of the Force can defeat these dark and powerful opponents. Does Anakin have what it takes? Find out for yourself! Includes an Anakin Skywalker figurine. Includes 202 pieces. Made in USA.

Lego has done it again; giving us another awesome addition to their Star Wars collection, this time with this two-piece Revenge of the Sith set. You construct both the Jedi Starfighter that Anakin Skywalker (figure included) pilots in combat, as well as the Vulture Droid of the Separatist arsenal. Both of these models stand alone as finely detailed Lego units equipped with some of the best decals you’ll find. The instructions take you step by step through the simple assembly of both vehicles so there is no difficulty in achieving results. Have fun outfitting the models following the step-by-step directions or go off on your own to create unique Star Wars ships. This is a Lego product so you’ll want to be aware of the numerous small pieces that aren’t suited for young children (recommended 7+ years of age). There’s fun to be had with this toy for Star Wars collectors or Lego fans alike!
–Chip Quinn

From the Manufacturer

Anakin Skywalker fights the greatest space battle of all, as he confronts the power of the vulture droids in his Jedi starfighter. Only a master of the Force can defeat these powerful opponents, but does Anakin have what it takes to win?

UPC: 673419057219