LEGO Ninjago Tiger Widow Island 70604 Building Kit (450 Piece)


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  • Tiger Widow Island features a tower with coconut-dropping function, a vine to swing from, a Ninja mission room with a lantern, map and mission elements, a cave with lever-operated entrance and hidden elements, palm leaf and translucent fire elements
  • Weapons include a translucent green Djinn Blade with ‘trapped Lloyd’ element, Nya’s 2 golden katanas, Cole’s silver katana, Sensei Wu’s battle staff and Sqiffy’s 2 guns
  • Includes 4 minifigures: Nya, Cole, Sensei Wu and Sqiffy, plus a Dog shank big figure
  • Tiger Widow Island measures over 9″ (25cm) high, 12″ (33cm) wide and 6″ (17cm) deep, Sensei Wu’s hot air balloon measures over 3″ (8cm) high, 1″ (5cm) long and 1″ (3cm) wide
  • Spider measures over 1″ (3cm) high, 2″ (6cm) long and 2″ (7cm) wide, Pirate flyer measures over 1″ (3cm) high, 1″ (5cm) long and 3″ (9cm) wide

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Mighty Dog shank is approaching carrying her huge anchor weapon. Fight back with Nya’s katana and drop coconuts on Dog shank from the tower and Sensei Wu’s hot air balloon. Watch out for Sqiffy’s pirate flyer and make the palm tree fall to knock him off the ladder. Hide out in the cave-and beware of the giant venomous spider roaming the island! Defeat the pirate invaders and free trapped Lloyd from the special Djinn Blade!.

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UPC: 721577267626