LEGO Ninjago Temple of Airjitzu 70751


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Brand: LEGO

Color: Multicolor


  • Features include reception area with floor carpet, table, teapot and bowl, shadow theater with a light brick, Ninja training room with weapon holders, Wu’s study with 3 books and art canvas elements, and an attic with storage box for Cole’s stuff
  • Blacksmith’s workshop features wooden-frame-style walls, opening door, sign with anvil and hammer image, realistic interior with anvil, hammer and other tools, upper floor with Ninja glider relic with detachable spear elements, rat element in the attic
  • Smugglers’ Market features an ornate roof design, golden details, 2 hidden treasure chests filled with golden weapons, signs with bread image and fish image, plus assorted elements including barrel with 2 fish, 2 fishing rods
  • Temple of Airjitzu measures over 16″ (42cm) high, 7″ (19cm) wide and 7″ (19cm) deep, village measures over 16″ (42cm) high, 20″ (52cm) wide and 13″ (35cm) deep

Details: Enjoy the ultimate LEGO NINJAGO building experience as you construct the majestic Temple of Airjitzu and surrounding village! The highly detailed Temple building has many delightful architectural features including ornate windows and sliding doors.

UPC: 610074909620