LEGO Elves 41078 Skyra’s Mysterious Sky Castle Building Kit


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  • Accessory elements include strawberry smoothies, fruit and cookies, a magic map and 4 magic keys: earth, wind, fire and water
  • Use all the Elves’ powers to get through the castle; enjoy strawberry smoothies in the dining area
  • Take a shower in the waterfall spa; use Nascha the owl to send Skyra’s letters to the Elves
  • Use the magic keys to open the portal and send Emily Jones back to the human world
  • Skyra’s Mysterious Sky Castle measures over 9″ (24cm) high, 11″ (28cm) wide and 3″ (8cm) deep

Details: Complete the Elves’ epic adventure and send Emily Jones home through the magic portal! Skyra’s Mysterious Sky Castle includes 3 LEGO Elves mini-dolls, spa room, lava kitchen, dining area and 4 magic key to open the portal. Find the magic portal to send Emily Jones back to the human world! The LEGO Elves have completed their quest to find all 4 magic keys needed to open the portal. Now Emily and Naida Riverheart, the Water Elf, must make their way through the obstacles in the amazing Sky Castle to reach the portal while Skyra, the guardian of the portal, watches on from above with her owl, Nascha. Help the elves make their way through the overgrown entrance and use Naida’s magic water powers to find the secret door in the spa behind the waterfall. Then reveal the enchanted staircase to get past the lava kitchen and overcome Skyra’s protective Pegasus, to place all 4 keys into the portal. When you finally face Skyra, convince her to open the portal using her staff. Who knows when Emily will visit the incredible universe of the LEGO Elves again! Includes 3 mini-doll figures: Emily Jones, Naida Riverheart and Skyra, plus Golden Glow the Pegasus and Nascha the owl. Features Skyra’s Sky Castle with an entrance gate with opening foliage, dining area, spa room, lava kitchen, throne room, study and an opening portal. The Spa room features a parting waterfall, shower and a fruit bowl The lava kitchen features an oven with opening door and a disappearing spiral staircase.

UPC: 673419231701