LEGO Disney The Lone Ranger Constitution Train Chase w/ Minifigures | 79111


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  • LEGO Lone Ranger 79111 Constitution Train Chase LEGO Lone Ranger (japan import)

Details: In order to stop the train running at high speed, to stop the train! Going to save from Butch Cavendish Danny and Rebecca, silver hourse and! Lone Ranger’s gonna defeat is to rescue the water tower by placing the dynamite Tonto Vasquez. When you hop on the train to detail was reproduced, I’ll have a hidden room in the wagon of a secret! would Kawaso attacks Gatling gun. After blasting with dynamite the door, arms and mini figures of seven body! Lone Ranger trying to rescue Danny and Rebecca, Tonto, Rebecca Reid, Danny Reid, Butch Cavendish, Latham Cole, Captain Fuller, with accessories. Piece number: 699-piece package: 540 (width) x 282 (height) x 91 (back) mm