LEGO Creator Bike Shop & Cafe 31026 Building Toy


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Brand: LEGO

Color: Multi-colored


  • Includes 3 : 2 men and a woman Also includes a car and buildable bird
  • Features 2 separate buildings: a bicycle shop and a cafe
  • Take the cool red bike for a spin! Spend your day at the cozy cafe! Load up the car and go for a drive! Enjoy a relaxing rooftop barbeque!
  • 3-in-1 model: rebuilds into an auto repair shop or a flower shop
  • Bike Shop & Cafe measures 7″ high, 2″ deep and 17″ wide Auto repair shop is 5″ high, 2″ deep and 9″ wide Flower shop is 5″ high, 2″ deep and 9″ wide

Details: Infinity Scarf – This large continuous scarf can be looped in several ways to get a cool trendy loo.  Traditionally worn double-looped around the base of the neck, but can be wrapped to cover the head, ears, and neck.

UPC: 673419209205